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Criminal History Report: Felony and misdemeanor criminal case records are researched at the applicable county jurisdiction(s).

Benefits: Reveals whether applicant has criminal case information that may be relevant to the employment decision. Reduces negligent hiring exposure, threat of workplace violence, theft, accidents, and related business costs.

Employment Verification Report: A verification of the applicant’s previous employers during the past five years. The information can include dates of employment, position, salary/wages, skills, attendance, performance and productivity, disciplinary action, attitude, eligibility for rehire, and reasons for termination.

Benefits: Validates the accuracy and credibility of information provided by applicant. Determines employment gaps and identifies embellished, exaggerated or falsified information and/or claims.

Education Verification Report: Confirmation of the applicant’s degree earned and dates of acquisition. The information obtained may include dates of attendance and degree earned at the designated institution.

Benefits: Validates the applicant’s education credentials. Determines knowledge level and training of the applicant and identifies falsified information.

Personal Reference Check Report: Verification of the applicant’s personal references. The information may include relationship, length of time, capacity, general background and character related information, suitability for the job, and other potential reference sources.

Benefits: Provides valuable insights into the character, integrity and interpersonal aspects of the applicant.

Civil History Report: Non-criminal case records are researched at the applicable county jurisdiction(s).

Benefits: Reveals whether applicant has liens, judgments, child support negligence, bankruptcy, employer suits, and other civil suit information that may be relevant to the employment decision.

Motor Vehicle Report: Provides pertinent information which varies by state on license status, license class, expiration date, date of birth, physical description, address, social security number, and violations within the past three to seven years.

Benefits: Provides insight into applicant’s level of responsibility. Discloses potential alcohol/drug related problems. Reduces negligent hiring exposure, accidents, and insurance cost.

Federal Court Report: An inquiry of federal public records of the district court in the applicable state(s).

Benefits: Reveals whether applicant has federal criminal and/or federal civil suit information that may be relevant to the employment decision.

Social Security Number Trace Report: Provides available name, address, and telephone number for the Social Security Number used including aliases or other users.

Benefits: Verifies the identity of the applicant and reveals previous names and addresses to be used in conjunction with criminal and civil records searches. Identifies fraudulent activity in connection with the Social Security Number.

Credit History Report: Confirms the applicant’s name, social security number, and address. May also reveal marital status, past address, present and past employers, dates employed, and position held. Reveals the applicant’s financial history including garnishments, divorce, child support, bankruptcy, and civil suit information.

Benefits: Provides a financial profile, revealing fiscal responsibility. Uncovers pertinent public records such as collections, lawsuits, bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and civil suit information. Reduces risk of fraud and theft for positions involving cash and/or the exercise of financial discretion.

Professional License Verification Report: Verifies status of a professional license or certification in a given profession with the applicable state or local agency.

Benefits: Validates the applicant's professional licenses, credentials and/or certification. Ensures applicant has met the profession’s standards and protects the employer from unlicensed or sanctioned applicants.

Workers’ Compensation Report: A history of Workers’ Compensation claims by an applicant (not available in all states).

Benefits: History of claims may indicate a trend in work related injuries and a pre-existing condition to current employment or both.

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